What is a Jew? See Below Before Answering

Before you read this or even think of an answer, take a look at this image I snapped at the Kotel. Close your eyes and teleport to that spot in ירושלים עיר הקודש… and whenever you are ready, re-open your eyes to continue…


This is a question I have been asking myself since the earliest days of my Jewish journey which for more of us is our life journey.

We know what Halacha says about what makes one a Jew and that’s not really the intent of my question. Look deeper. Look within.

This isn’t a coincidence. We aren’t here by chance. There is no such thing. Those words are merely angels and natural energies that HaShem Sends down in a form of Deeper Concealment of Himself (more on this soon via my pre-Purim class, date TBD, stay tuned :wink:)

The real question(s) I am asking are (1) what is our inner responsibility as Jews to ourselves today? (2) What does the outer work as Jews towards others look like? And by extension, (3) when do we shift from inner work to outer work?

Would love to know what you have to say. If we want to open a community zoom to discuss, that could be fun. Replying below also works. Keeping thoughts to yourself is believe it or not… okay too :slight_smile:

עם אהבה, מאיר אליעזר בו צבי -

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