UN Watch's Hillel Neuer Exposes Alleged Antisemitism by Francesca Albanese

A significant video has come to our attention, featuring Hillel Neuer from UN Watch, who speaks out against Francesca Albanese, the UN special rapporteur on the Palestinian territories. Neuer calls for the termination of her mandate due to allegations of using funds from pro-Hamas groups and her history of making antisemitic statements.

Watch the full video here: Francesca Albanese, ‘one of the most dangerous antisemites’ - UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer

In the video, Neuer discusses serious financial improprieties and the biased mandate associated with Albanese, along with UN Watch’s efforts to have her removed. This is an important issue for our community, and we encourage everyone to watch and share their thoughts.

Key Points:

  • Allegations of Francesca Albanese’s connections with pro-Hamas organizations.
  • Claims of her using antisemitic rhetoric and supporting terrorism.
  • UN Watch’s resolution to terminate her mandate and end biased investigations against Israel.

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