Shalom from Philly

My name is Dylan. I grew up in New Jersey, currently based in the city of brotherly love. I’ve also lived in Maine, Wisconsin and Buenos Aires in the past.

I grew up fairly non-observant but have been reconnecting with my faith the last few years. I hope to deepen my connection with the spiritual side of Judaism and find community with others.

I love learning about history, Jewish and otherwise. Props if you are familiar with the works of Sam Arronow and @rootsmetals. I’m conversational in Spanish and currently learning Hebrew.

Toda raba and wish me luck with bar prep!


Hi Dylan! Thanks for introducing yourself - pleasure to e-meet. Si quieres puedes practicar tu español conmigo :slight_smile: (naci en Venezuela)

Feel free to have a look around the different active discussions we have here and stay tuned for our next event. Look forward to meeting again there!

All the best.


Hi @DCarson95 nice to meet you! I’m a fellow NJ native I grew up in Bergen County.

Yes, I am familiar with @rootsmetals I am not familiar with Sam Aronow - is this his YT channel? - - thanks for sharing the resource!

I’m also in the process of relearning Hebrew again. Looking forward to speaking Hebrew with you sometime, perhaps in Israel :slight_smile:

Thanks for joining and looking forward to seeing you around.

Good luck with bar prep!