Natan Levy on Being an Israeli MMA Pro, Future UFC Fighter

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{DISCLAIMER} As of the recording and release of this episode, Natan had to unfortunately back out of his UFC debut vs Austin Hubbard. Throughout the conversation, we speak with certainty that the fight was happening, but for the sake of Natan’s overall career, he decided not to fight on April 17th. On this week’s episode we host the only (current) Israeli UFC fighter. Out of Herzliyah, Israel – Natan remains undefeated in his professional fighting career with a black belt background in karate, kung fu, and JewJitsu. Natan currently calls Las Vegas home as he trains and recuperates from an injury that will hold him back from debuting as planned. Check him out on Instagram @natan_levy and tune in to see his progress as his trains his way back to the octagon!

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