Hi from South Florida, USA

Hello Mishpucha,

I’m Andy Katz, and I’m one of the builders and visionaries behind the Jewish Original Community. It’s an honor and a privilege to be part of the Jewish Original team, and to be among the first members of our new and growing online Mishpucha.

A bit about me: I recently moved to Florida from Colorado with my wife, Ashira, and our two dogs, Marley and Maya. Originally from NYC (shout out to Barney Greengrass and Katz’s Deli) and raised in NJ – Go Knicks! I’m passionate about gardening and healthy living; now in Florida, I’m growing a Mango tree, an Avocado Tree, two Papaya Trees, a bunch of Banana Trees, and much more! Feel free to ask about my food forest :slight_smile: Besides gardening, I have an interest in tech stuff like building websites, exploring AI, and delving into the world of crypto. I also have an interest in spirituality, and recently started attending Romemu Manhattan synagogue online.

It feels like we’re at the beginning of something really special here. As a new community, we’re ripe with potential and opportunity. I can’t wait to see the connections that will be made and the collaborations that will unfold.

I’m looking forward to the journey ahead in creating a global online (and in-person) Jewish community space. This space is for all of us, and it’s going to be a safe and welcoming space where we can share, grow, and connect.

Looking forward to seeing you around the community. Don’t forget to say hi!




Hi Andy!!!

South Florida native here, would love to connect!!! You can find me on IG @justasimplejew :slight_smile:


Hey @Justasimplejew! Happy to make the connect and thanks for reaching out :smile: Yes, let’s keep in touch. Had a Hanukkah party last night in West Palm Beach. I made a brisket that some said was the best they’d ever eaten! :slight_smile: