Hi from Australia

Hey all! I’m Nikita and I’m an Aussie currently travelling the world. I’m hoping to come over to Israel in jan to volunteer with Masa.

I’m an actress, model, film maker, and content creator. I hope to create content when I’m in Israel to share with Jews around the world.

Being Jewish is very important to me, Australia is a very ignorant country and casual anti semetism is everywhere. As a result my family have a lot of self hate as Jews so I’m here to break those generational patterns.

I’m currently travelling in the UK and hoping to find myself a job in NYC as America is my home! North American Jews are some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met and I hope to there and Israel again soon :slight_smile:


Hi @Nikita great to meet you and thank you for sharing! Sorry to hear you have to deal with the self hate in your own family. I have also encountered this and I know it’s painful. Thank you for sharing your strength, and your light!

I’m from the US, born and raised in NYC. I’m happy to hear your warm feelings to North American Jews. I’ve been very proud of the reaction from the Jewish community that I grew up in, and their response to the current crisis.

If you ever need any tips or advice when you get to NY, I’d be happy to share any resources or connections. I’m sure many people in the Mishpucha here will also lend a voice :slight_smile:

Happy you’re here and looking forward to seeing you around!

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Welcome Nikita! How are the travels going? What do you miss the most about Israel?

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