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Welcome to Torah Study!

A dedicated space to explore, learn, and connect through the timeless wisdom of the Torah.

Join the Torah Study Group

Currently meeting once a week via our What's App group chat, the Torah Study Group is a vibrant and engaging forum where members can delve into the texts, discuss interpretations, and share insights. With the launch of our new membership community, we are excited to announce a change in the meeting venue, enhancing the experience for all participants.

Whether you are new to Torah study or a seasoned scholar, the Torah Study Group offers a welcoming and inclusive environment. Here, you can:

  • Engage in thoughtful discussions and debates
  • Connect with fellow members passionate about Torah study
  • Access resources, guides, and expert insights
  • Participate in special events, guest lectures, and more

Be Part of the Journey

Torah study is not just about reading texts; it's about connecting with our heritage, understanding our values, and growing together as a community. We invite you to be part of this enriching journey.

Stay tuned for updates on the new meeting venue and other exciting developments within the Torah Study Group. Your participation and contributions make this a dynamic and meaningful experience for all.

Join us in the pursuit of knowledge, community, and spiritual growth. Welcome to Torah Study at Jewish Original!

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